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used to play badminton sport shoes, now retired, shake the body into a young man to go to school, work, shopping, leisure sneaker classic, said the Jack is the converse Purcell. can not be denied is now Jack Purcell a flood of signs, many of my friends also because afraid frequently hit the paragraph and had to give up with, in fact, converse every year has many good color choices, greatly reduce the current non black or white Jack Purcell hit the paragraph frequency, like this season introduced this to duck hunting camouflage based color model, a bit more as previously converse with stussy cooperation CX-PRO ox and set up a new banner of the color is not afraid of the hit a more than embarrassment, more can reflect personal taste to select, the intention of friends can view the converse website offering information. ; source: ConverseAugust 8, 2008, an Olympic athletics feast, comprehensive kicked off the attention of millions of people from around the world focus on this. After a century, the Olympic Spirit in the spirit of the case, not the Olympic embodies the human quest for power and beauty; breakthrough athlete arena with their own limits, but also inspired each of us to realize their dreams. All Olympic and non-Olympic marketing is a foregone conclusion. Yes, everyone should sit down to tasting the Beijing Olympics. Apart, please my article as an appetizer before the main course that you understand how the international big ----- Adidas Olympic marketing, it is not only big collect "visibility" in the care of the heart, but also a substantial expansion of the larger sites and there have been pockets of shining white versus Houston? To improve your appetite, the author of seven elements give you expand the Adidas Olympic Raiders, hope to bring you a little review "gifts" in the operation of their business Olympic and non-Olympic marketing time. Okay, now we went into the Adidas Olympic marketing ignite Marketing 2.0 era! Seven elements, to create Adidas "08 may" "together with Hu Jia, 2008, not impossible "" Together with Sui Feifei 2008, not impossible "...... just around the Adidas Olympic advertising in full swing staged its endorsers has been found in different conditions: three spokesmen, the two may be far away from the Olympic stage ...... worrying . Early March, Adidas has a touch line "Flag Law", the behavior of users was intense shelling. It may lead users creative ambiguity, much online criticism and censure. Adidas recent spate of lost performance, questioned the media is caught in the dilemma of its Olympic betting. Adidas really like it as a slogan: nothing is impossible? The author attempts from a strategic, Olympic marketing, public events, advertising campaigns, strategic alliances, product innovation and channel terminal and other "seven elements" (Figure 1), 360-degree interpretation Adidas 08 Olympic Games in the end is, "can" or "can not." Meanwhile, further visits as a sports marketing creator how to manage unique skill Adidas Olympic project. elements One: Everything can be changed & nbsp; determine the "first" strategy, What is the strategy? This is the first question we have to figure out. we want to explore is a business entity based strategic research. The winning strategy is the enterprise. According to Britain's two scholars Gerry - Johnson and Oppenheimer - Scholes overview of the various definitions are given a comprehensive and concise summary: "strategy is a plan to integrate the business goals, policies, and make companies up and down consistently put into action. "From the above definition we can conclude that only three elements endowed objectives, policies and actions, etc., is the strategy. No strategic enterprises, as a homeless, "the father of management," Peter - Drucker says. Adidas 08 Olympic operation, fully demonstrates the strategic wisdom. We can see that the overall strategic direction of Adidas, is clear and powerful. Adidas overall strategy is designed to take advantage of growth opportunities in Asia Pacific region to promote the advantages of Chinese market complementary, accelerate the development of a global brand in the Asia Pacific region. The Chinese region into the important core of the global strategy, to change the past too conservative approach, to move from strategic defense strategic initiative, and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing brought the sports industry economic environment, expand market share and brand penetration, thorough a frontal attack on change-line brand and side impact offline Nike brand so as to Chinese Mandarin area for the future development of the core area led to the development of the Asia-Pacific region and even the world. According to the overall strategic direc Cheap air jordans for sale tion, Adidas and immediately developed a detailed strategic five-year plan the Asia-Pacific region (Table 1). From the five-year plan, Adidas is not only ambitious, but also complete one or two per year, core work of the action, robust style to achieve their strategic plan. Core members of the Asia-Pacific region is China, Japan and South Korea. Today, Japan and South Korea have made crown throne, as long as China in the realization of the first, then the dream of dominating the Asia-Pacific market just around the corner. Therefore, Adi the Chinese market as "the second largest market after the United States", the determined market in 2008 to become China's first brand of strategic objectives (Table 2). Adidas can clearly strategic aspirations in Asia Pacific and Greater China and a detailed strategic plan, and specify 08 destinations focus and advance the business before and after the Olympic Games, but also to develop a detailed strategy and implementation plan, so that the whole organization 08 Games for all actions before and after the stage there is a sense of direction, a sense of purpose. 2008 Olympic plan identifies strategic themes communication, developed a marketing communications strategy and creative strategy, media strategy and tactics, 360-degree integration of resources. Then move the counsel, November 30, 2007, Adidas officially launched the 2008 Olympic Games program. Adi convinced that 2008 will be able to harvest the first brand of Chinese sports market the fruits of victory. two elements: Olympic marketing & nbsp; recycling Adi revival & nbsp; Olympic marketing, in fact, belong to a form of sports marketing, mainly refers to the sports marketing for the Olympic tournament. Some say, no sports, Adidas will lose its soul. Adidas has been in 80 years to join the Olympic tradition from 1928, Adidas founder Adi? Dassler Amsterdam Olympians making the first product start, Adidas close relationship with the Olympics. So, Adi necessarily linked with the most exciting Olympic event together, to attack, to achieve China's first dream. ? As Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer said, the Olympic Games is the world's largest and most exciting sporting event, is to determine the Adidas brand image DNA; 2008 Olympic Games held in China, which will provide a unique platform for Adidas, and then establish a brand image and business Adidas in China and Asia. Adidas thus launched a sports marketing for the Olympic Games on all levels, including the Olympic Games sponsorship, sponsored star, the project team sponsorship and public sports sponsorship, aimed at leveraging the Olympic marketing, boosting Adi revival! First, the Olympic Games sponsorship. Adidas force take Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Partner, defeat Li Ning, with 1.3 billion yuan in January 2005 was formally signed. This is the first step in the Adidas Olympic marketing. As long as the official Olympic partner, it has the exclusive Olympic resources. Therefore, Adi organization best team, take full advantage of high-quality resources for the Olympic project development and management. Adidas the official cooperation with the Olympics is regarded as one of the best marketing tools, we believe that the use of "climate, geography, and" will be able to birth the first brand sports market. Secondly, the project team sponsorship. 28 events in the Beijing Olympic Games, in addition to sailing and equestrian, Adidas will be among 26 athletes to provide professional game products. At the same time China's national volleyball team and football team sponsorship. Adidas believes that China will be the focus of the 2008 Olympic Games volleyball, and football is the soul of the brand Adidas. Project team sponsor, Adidas Olympic shockwave blew heavy weapons. It allows Adi sound and image through the Olympics and the whole story is full, to continue the "POINT" remind and influence public memory. Third, the star sponsorship. Adidas always adhere to invite celebrities as product spokesperson. With many sports stars signing up to "star effect" to drive each stage of its Olympic marketing. Adi considered "star effect" is the beginning of the earliest and longest, highest frequency, the only way through the marketing period for several months before and after the Olympic Games, but also the most vulnerable consumers contact points are most concerned about. So Adi at all costs to Ma Xiaoxu, Peng Shuai, Zheng Zhi, Hu Jia and other sports stars inclusion sects. It is worth mentioning that the Adidas's Reebok brand spokesperson Yao Ming. "Combustion YAO unlimited power" in the country stores and network ignite, like a hurricane blowing through the same, caused great repercussions in the land of China. Fourth, public sports sponso Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale rship. Adidas is an advocate of mass sports activities. It actively promote the rapid development of China's mass sports activities, to make some contribution, especially in the cultivation of Chinese basketball market of the masses. Adidas street basketball tournament has been held 13 years in China, mass sports activities always hold a long-term plan. And actively establish contact with the customer, so that the brand has a wide influence. Specific projects include sponsorship from 2006 began to organize "green growth plans" and in 2008 launched the "true brother, basket sworn" summer basketball league. Adi way to promote and guide the development of Chinese mass sports. three elements: public events & nbsp; tilted power China public relations refers to an organization to use the means of information dissemination, processing their own social environment relations activities. It is to maintain and enhance the fundamental interests of the organization and its public as a precondition, in order to establish suitable for the survival of the organization, the optimum image as the goal of development and effective use of means of information dissemination and continuous coordination, improve the organization and Activities between the inside and outside their own public. In short, public relations refers to the exchange of information between social organizations and the public inside and outside. Adi knows diminishing force mass advertising, and public relations activities to build brand awareness and brand knowledge has a special effect. Interactive experiences and diffusion is based on the "soft activities" of the essential characteristics of public relations. Indeed influence creative public relations aspects of public awareness generated really memorable. Experts research, public awareness about the impact on consumers is equivalent to five times the ad. So, want to do everything we can to Adidas seize every possible opportunity to the 2008 Olympic Games, to create vivid propaganda theme and interesting story, constantly expose constant contact with the target audience, build visibility, strength and freshness, so that more - Global Brand Network - the people understand and even agree. And timely activation of various media, broad participation or coverage. Olympic program start date, see the wide range of activities, showing off frequency times, level of rich, strong influence of the large scale. Adi investment in public activity is unprecedented. "Soft activities" is undoubtedly the most important marketing activities Adi. First, clever use of news, sounded the war the Olympic Assembly. Adidas takes the form of a press conference, open to the public and direct display, the purpose is to create momentum, to create a good public opinion environment, play a positive role in promoting. Adidas has held two large-scale press conference, it is a strong impetus to the shaping Adidas brand communication and propaganda. "08 Olympic Partners signed" Happy feast, set the tone for the Olympic Raiders proposed "No not won the gold," the slogan, bless China can win every gold medal! November 30, 2007, in Beijing Yongding Gate Square, Adidas announced the "2008 together, nothing is impossible" as the theme of the 2008 Olympic Games program. It aims to inspire all the Chinese people gather together, dancing the 2008 Olympic Games. Time now beginning until the end of the 2008 Olympic Games. It started the Adidas Olympic strategy of launching campaign of gunfire! Second, roadshows, calling all the people involved. Roadshow (roadshow), is a brand of cultural cohesion through in-depth interaction with consumers, to achieve integrated activities outdoors consumer product or brand awareness loyal love. One effective contacts with consumers, and common experience brand culture, to enhance awareness and brand loyalty; both direct connection between brands and customers, quickly occupied the minds of consumers and emotion share; three effectively stimulate market activity sales force, stimulate consumption, and promoting market share; the four powerful brands in the past to change the consumer misunderstanding, contribute to the community support, enhance memory share. Adidas roadshow, will connect the customer. Roadshow held in turns in succession in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Dalian and other major cities, calling for public participation, interaction, experience and diffusion; the movement into our real lives of everyone. The first stage activities: "2008 together, nothing is impossible" Olympic Experience. Events starting in December 2007 will continue until the end of the Olympic Games next year, one after another after another, held in the major cities such as Shanghai, Cheap foamposites for sale Guangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan and other cities are organized every scene very warm atmosphere, setting off a referendum participation in the Olympic Games fiery frenzy. second phase: "There is your support, let the dream come true" soccer tour the Olympic experience activities. Activities "have your support, let the dream come true" as the theme, the main focus of recent Adidas match ball has just released the "Great Wall of Stars" and Chinese football player Zheng Zhi Olympic commercials start. Beijing started (01/26) with continued in Zhengzhou (03/01), Hangzhou (03/15), Changsha (03/22), Qingdao (04/05) and other cities to expand. The third stage activities: "2008 we ran together" national running events. The purpose is to call for national action, with running this sport, and personally participated in the Olympic Games to cheer for the team in the past, and China together Olympic athletes preparing for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. According to Adi authorities said, "2008, we were running" to cheer all the people running Olympic events will continue until August opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, activities lasted a full two months, will cover the whole of China. Fourth, to art "total shock" campaign, start another Olympic matter of course Adidas launched the "total shock" campaign horizon Art Exhibition, "the human and sports" as the theme, attracted a total of at home and abroad 71 artists to express artistic inspiration Olympic passion. Activities will turn in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Beijing six cities traveling exhibition, the time from 10 November 2007 to July 2008 26 - 26 August lasted nearly a year. Ultimately done in Hong Kong auction, part of the proceeds of the photograph will sponsor Adidas donated to sports-related charitable organizations to support the further development of sports undertakings in China. Fifth, the plan "Challenge your Olympic dream", the multi-level sense of encouraging participation in the Olympic Games "Challenge your Olympic dream" experience events, beginning April 10, recruiting time is April 10 to May 10. Adidas offers participants the network platform to showcase participants sports personality, offers three unique opportunity for participants to dream. At the same time expand the world-renowned athlete told his story of growing activities. Every story in plain perspective Interpretation "not impossible" theme. The whole event starting in March, through global television, Internet, print media, retail and full launch. Experience of the network, as Adi gathered very busy popularity and attention. This is the start of the second phase marks the Adidas Olympic outreach program. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Sixth, held a "service award" design competition, open to the world to collect design. Adidas also with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee jointly organized a clothing design competition award, the purpose is "to let Chinese athletes on the podium at the Beijing Olympics, put on national characteristics, brought together the wisdom of the Chinese people dress." Adidas CEO Hainer said Adidas reason why the open call to the world design, is to let the Chinese people have the opportunity to participate in the global experience, sharing the Olympic Games. "I believe that the final selected works must both Chinese national characteristics, but also to win the favor of the world." The seven stars to tell a story, to challenge themselves. World-renowned athletes about their growth story. Every story in plain perspective Interpretation "not impossible" theme. In these stories the audience taste, incentives for life, love and faith, but also quietly accepted the Adidas brand connotation. The whole event starting in March, through global television, Internet, print media, retail and full launch. This is the start of the second phase marks the Adidas Olympic outreach program. The eight, "play" push "fitness Storm" new movement. March 29, 2008, Adidas officially launched the 2008 spring and summer women's market activity in Shanghai, launched the "fitness Storm - play sports," the new campaign concept. With a new perspective, "play" to interpret this year's "yoga, fitness, dance, aerobics Fight" series four main push of movement. The Adidas "play sports" concept was born, designed to promote movement aside time constraints, imprison and established goals place to experience zero bound, zero pressure, no victory, no opponent solipsistic realm , in his own way "play sports", leading many Chinese experience who launched Fun sports experience wonderful trip. Nine out, crisis management in a timely manner, the attitude to win the understanding. For the "flag" incident, although a bit unexpected, but Retro jordans for sale the performance of Adidas rapid response can make people understanding and tolerance. In addition, the creative lead users ambiguity, subject to various criticism and censure, Adidas exhibit a large-minded, willing to listen to various opinions. Faced with defeat spokesman questioned the media, Adidas is also very calm, quickly reversed the concept of "Stars," but in fact, Adidas and many outstanding international spokesmen, such as the US basketball star Howard, Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic and Ivanovic. They will participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, which is the Adidas brand is undoubtedly a great promotion. In short, as a market in China has accumulated rich experience in operating world-renowned brands, such an approach will undoubtedly show the international brand crisis public relations capacity, to win people's understanding of China. Four elements: advertising campaigns, witness imperial ambitions 1, advertising creative In the Olympic Games of 2008, Adidas launched two series of TVC, much public affection. Mainly because of the creative and persuasive power of advertising combined with very good, especially in the creative strategy to seize the three key elements, therefore thrilling! three key elements & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Strategy Center & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; public support, is the greatest power (no unlikely) positioning statement & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ordinary people to participate in football, diving, volleyball and basketball and other sports, the experience and share Big Idea & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in different sports scene, do ordinary people and their arms to hold up athletes Table 3 & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas three key elements of creative strategy formulation & nbsp; (Source: High Simpson management consultant database) creative strategic plan The specific application, it can be seen as a graph, or roughly sketched out briefly the important strategic factor creative advertising campaign motives, these factors will ultimately affect the message. Adidas creative program brings together the brightest stars, such as Zheng Zhi, Sui Feifei, Hu Jia and other Chinese sports pride of the picture appear in the ad, but also highlights the behind the athletes, to support their fighting spirit to win power - thousands of ordinary people. Adidas success of the many Chinese people hope that they can participate in the Olympics, becoming the voice of a part of the Olympics, the transformation "with the 2008, not impossible" positioned as the title of a new series of ads. Thus, November 30, 2007, launched a "2008 together, nothing is impossible" as the title of a new series of ads, caused a sensation nationwide. May 2008, the launch of the second series of Olympic advertising is the touching story into said Chinese women's volleyball team, also followed this creative strategy, and further deepen the "Zhongwang is hope," the spirit of the idea. Story still tell the story, "Nothing is impossible." "Preparing for the Olympics, we ran together," and "no brother, no basketball," the video clips, the same kind of creative thinking, to express the will and spirit of teamwork and indomitable. Managing director of Adidas Greater China, ????? said: "We want to convey to you is that, when the 1.3 billion people unite together, nothing is impossible." 2, media delivery First of all, the target group for confirmation. Adidas is the main target consumer groups: 14-25 years old, including a junior high school students, high school students, college students and recent graduates of the youth population, which is more sensitive to popular features, dare to dream, hope the subject of attention, follow fashion; and 25- 35 years old, have a certain income, quality of life requires, a successful career, there are people for leisure concepts. Adidas brand communication strategy revolves around the target consumer population center, follow the "nothing is impossible (Impossible Is Nothing)" to expand the brand concept, has always advocated the spirit, not in favor of individualistic spirit of the brand. Secondly, media types and combinations. Since Adidas core target consumer groups around the age of 17 (high school) mainly young people, this part of the consumer groups, media contacts has great volatility and uncertainty characteristics. May contact the network location and time are not fixed. They will go shopping on weekends, will be exposed outdoors the way to school, be exposed outdoors during recess time, will watch TV at home, so it can be seen, they are the point of contact is a multi cheap foamposites -media, rather than a single. Adidas thus contact characteristics according to media said the target groups, rationalize the media ratio. Since the target consumer groups for access to the Internet and outdoor media is the most frequency and showed a rising trend, therefore, serve to increase the proportion of the Adidas outdoor and online media in the media ratio, while reducing the number of other media. Overall, the Adidas brand communication mix of media, including the Internet, outdoor, television, public relations and media. Among outdoor media and online media for the heavy head. These two media assume Adidas communicate with the target audience, interactive experiences, and share the task of the Olympic Games to promote the Adidas brand to maximize the effect of the spread! Below to analyze the main outdoor media strategy. Outdoor media is the most important part of the media mix Adidas. Outside divided into big outdoor advertising and subway advertising. Outdoor media can be a strong support for Adidas performance creativity, convey fun and interactive experience. From November 2007 commenced its offensive on the central city such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai Metro, central plaza, causing nationwide sensational effect. Even Start program 08 Olympic Festival also uses outdoor media conference. Adidas authorities believe large outdoor and some creative outdoor, will be able to effect a very strong impetus to the best brand communication. lit interactive marketing network to expand the circumference of brand contact points, so that more of the public space and time elements removed restrictions, the challenge of achieving the Olympic dream, and with feelings of more than 30 global stars of their growth story. By Adi's official website, Adidas club, Sohu sports channel, Adidas Summer League true brothers and Adi basket sworn pink screen such as the five network platforms, so you fingertips. Many stars are involved, such as Zhao Wei, Shang Wenjie and other challenges Olympic dream together, very popular. Interactive marketing is the kind of two-way marketing media network implementation, including the website, phone, e-mail, call centers and other ways. Adidas by five network platforms, Olympic tribe, the Olympic challenge, Fun Adika, immediate Yesite, feel shoe concept, forums, photo albums, Adi Bo Wen variety of ways to interact, so that the target audience are involved in recently, via communication and experience, enhance interaction with the target audience of the brand, the formation of the value of the exchange, to achieve brand awareness and recognition, the construction of a healthy two-way interaction value stream. Interactive marketing network since its launch, welcomed and loved by the majority of the public, and spread among the public. As for other media such as TV temporarily repeat. five elements: strategy Joint & nbsp; open symbiotic marketing & nbsp; joint strategy, fashionable to say that cross-industry integration. The various stakeholders in the joint strategy of total dispersion is placed on a common platform, bringing together a variety of resources, interact with all parties to find joint can achieve their own interests in reaching a common vision of. Obviously, to achieve the interests of all parties is reached is the prerequisite for vision, and vision is a question relating to the final consumer interests; to achieve the vision, it is necessary to maximize the interests of consumers. This policy is sought conglomerate makes sense. Joint strategy, not only the Adidas brand value Acres popular, and extending its product category, and the expansion of the adidas market share. First, the brand communication on a joint strategy. On the resource network of brand communication, Adidas and Sohu, as well as the formation of a strategic partnership with Baidu, reached a cooperation agreement were 3 August 2006 and early April 2008; and Sohu to jointly build Adidas sponsorship and naming of Sohu sports channel, and Baidu build "Adidas Club", multi-faceted collection of love sports, hot ???????? crowd, create online Adidas fans camp. Network communication is one of the Adidas brand to win the 2008 Summer Olympics the most important route of communication, but also to create a platform for the core Adidas. To maximize brand communication, Adi formation at all costs "Adidas sports network Confederated Tribes"! Second, product design joint strategies. In product design, (Porsche) in cooperation with Porsche launched the "Porsche Design sports series" products. This series especially for men launched to design-oriented, innovative technology and high-end sports performance products. There are other cross-industry joint as joint Samsung jointly Cheap foamposites for sale launched for the Chinese market to the sports phone (SGH-F110); joint shared channels and Audi, join big Chinese market. six elements: product, make sales more effective Philip - Kotler said: "A great brand is a great product core product is the most important. element. In general, the market leaders tend to provide good products and quality service. "Undoubtedly, the product is competitive basis. It is the connection between the carrier consumers and businesses to meet consumer needs and demands of the market supply of goods, it is a prerequisite for enterprises to enter the market, but also companies to survive in the market of the underlying causes. Adidas thus beginning from the start, it is very focus on product innovation, product design and development, as well as constant attention to product quality and quality, and proposed a "'feature first' is the company's main theme", "to the best athletes," the company slogan . All along, the Adidas technology and innovation to promote the development of enterprises, with excellent product features won praise from customers. Product innovation, won more than 700 patents. In the 2008 Olympics, Adidas also in product innovation in a great effort from top to bottom. The main concept in three areas of innovation, value innovation and category innovation, to make a major breakthrough. But in technological innovation, and did not launch a new football unprecedented "+ Team Star" as the shock ancient sparkle on products as the next World Cup. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; First, the concept of innovation, integration of Chinese elements. Adidas (China) established the "Asian Design Center", the purpose of mining and into the Chinese elements into product design and innovation. A 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Chinese athletes to provide equipment to provide service award, two for development with the Beijing Olympics logo and Adidas sportswear double souvenirs. "These Olympic licensed products are designed, injected a lot of Chinese elements." "Fusion 2008 Beijing Olympic Games unique elements, such as Fuwa and 28 signs of the game." "Some with calligraphy, dragon, bamboo and so has China flavor patterns, text. "The first batch of Olympic commemorative apparel Adidas, listed in April and May. Also as for the Beijing Olympic Games football tournament in the Great Wall of Stars "(adidas Magnus Moenia) Adidas for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games specially designed now in the Adidas store, with rich Chinese culture" wind forest "Series T Shirts have been put on the counter & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; Second, the value of innovation, new features to meet the needs of customer segments mainly in the spring and summer footwear 07 launched a unique. The "driving shoes." which features leather to help face full of special vent. outsole asymmetrical design improves the wear performance, you can protect the feet in the lateral sway, especially thinning sole design ensures a more flexible . The stampede feel special heel heel support structure can be in the driving position, stable & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; thirdly, category innovation, conquer new market segments mainly Adidas. in collaboration with Porsche, launched the "Porsche Design Sport Collection" in 2007 spring and summer, especially for men launched to design-oriented, and has a high-end sports performance innovation and technology products. and 08 spring and summer launch of four series of professional training products ( balance, aerobics, gym classic three stripes, dance aesthetic) and four series of women's leisure products (Various Artists, Smart, pure, retro colors), especially for Asian women, to promote "health crisis" new movement. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in short, Adidas can deeply understand the "Chinese elements", the Chinese element as a product strategy, and actively integrated into product development and design them at the same time, Adi further explore the Chinese people's consumption values ??and demand preferences. Combining the Olympic strategy, continue to develop products for Greater China, etc., or praiseworthy Professor Chen Chunhua said: "Only sustained attention products business is able to obtain customer's heart of business; it is also to ingratiate themselves with customers, companies It can sustain a leading position. . "I believe there will be more Adidas products to create customer value performance & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; seven elements: channel, terminal expansion, winner of the road & nbsp; & nbsp ; & nbsp; expand the channels and the terminal is the core strategy of Adidas 08 China 08 China is the realization of the fundamental anchor channel strategy is not successful and the terminal expansion, Adidas to become the Chinese market first need there Cheap jordans online fore remains to be seen,... expand channels and terminals, it is the highlight of Adidas (China) work target to achieve 5,500 stores Adidas and Reebok 2,500 stores. In the year 2008, in addition to the first-tier and second-tier cities, Adidas will expand to six lines from the front line market depth distribution at the same time, the introduction of a terminal form of the flagship store to occupy the commanding heights of the market to promote the flagship Adidas 08 Olympic strategy is an important initiative & nbsp;... & nbsp; & nbsp; First, the development of key customers, to expand the sales network. 2003 start, Adidas as the development of key customer channel strategy, actively convene franchising partners. Currently they are basically already have retail average 50-300 more rooms in some of China's key customers shops, these partners with their own management, resources, and finance, and in support of Adidas, the use of the Adidas brand to create the retailer's own brand. 2004 Adidas and its local Chinese retailers are working with a new monthly open 40 stores expansion rate, speed to 2007 2 / day, and now the speed of 3 to 4 / day of running all the way. This expansion of sales network model quite effective. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Second, the launch of the flagship store, gravity attack key markets February 7, 2007 the first of the South China first flagship store in Guangzhou, located in the world's largest Adidas flagship store in June 2008 settled in Beijing. . Sanlitun & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Third, the Olympic licensed merchandise retail stores opened in key cities with continued aroused great concern and has already settled in Wuhan and Nanjing Olympic licensed merchandise retail stores. Volkswagen and China to promote the implementation of the actual level of communication, good community marketing, so that Adidas further settled in the public mind between China & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; Conclusion & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Adidas do everything I want to chance gains realized as the fruits of victory, "the seven elements" to start a 360-degree brand building and brand communication established body, will be established in Greater China Sports Market First Empire & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; along the way, set strategy, to attack the Olympic marketing, public relations activities Fun, launched advertising campaigns, joint cross-industry heroes, product innovation shop city, channel advance , Dajian flagship etc., and both are marketing to promote the 2008 Summer Olympics to get on the big harvest. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Although Adidas suffered the embarrassment of accidents, but do not discount its 2008 together sonorous pace. Adidas "seven elements" 360-degree branding, history globrand. Com will eventually prove "energy." Wang Junyu reason why summarized from three aspects "can" Adidas 2008 Olympic strategy. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; First, wearing frequency. Adidas heavy force, the major cities in the country turns "bombing", has launched a people's great enthusiasm, establish a good brand communication path, resulting in huge brand appeal and memorable impact. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; changes Second, awareness, understanding and attitudes regard. In 2006, according to AC Nielsen survey, now aware of the link between adidas and the Olympic Games has exceeded 50 percent, the figure has exceeded any previous Olympic Games. According to CTR Market Research on Olympic cooperation Intra 2008 April 7 to 13 week full partner news media monitoring, news exposure amount Adidas ranked first, accounting for 26% of the scope of monitoring Olympic Partner News exposure amount. (Figure 2) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Third, the contribution in sales. From the increase in market share from 15.6 per cent in 2006 to 20 percent in 2007, an increase of 4.4%, compared with 4.3 percent of Nike slightly faster. By the end of 2007, Adidas began to make every effort to carry out marketing activities and branding, so you can predict 2008 Adidas sales force will certainly increasingly strong. (Figure 3-4) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas CEO Hainer once again stressed the "Beyond Nike, becoming the first Chinese brand of determination." Sandrine Greater China president also expressed the company's ambitions, "Adidas will make full use of the 2008 Olympic Games, the identity of the partner, with extensive experience in Olympic sponsorship, by closely integrated with China many projects sports teams, and this influence extended to a wider range of mass consumer groups, to achieve Addis brand new development in China. "expect Adidas to give us more" not impossible "wonderful! (A separate article written by Li Ning and Adidas Running, stay tuned!) & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This article is licensed to "global brand network" and the authors' own related column, in addition to addition of For reprint or paper media want published, you must get in touch with the author or his assistant, otherwise pursue the relevant legal responsibility! beg to be excused! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; author Wang Junyu, alias liuyin lay; brand management expert, author of the realm of marketing theory, product planning and product strategy experts, researchers re-channel mode. Strategic management is committed to the footwear and sportswear industries, organizational operations, brand building, research and practice in areas such as marketing and management. Simpson is currently Principal Consultant high management consultant, columnist "global brand network" and other well-known network of more than 10, as well as a number of business consultants. Main article published in the "sales and marketing", "Sales and Management", "Time and trade", "Marketing Academy," "Successful Marketing", "Hubei Daily" and other mainstream publications; published papers and monographs hundreds of thousands of words. Personal home page http: // Contact: EMAIL: & nbsp; QQ: 545521459 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; MP: 13606079775Nike Sportswear looks to introduces a brand new Nike Lil?? Penny Posite model in 2014. Here is the first detailed photos of the upcoming release that incorporates Foamposite materials along with Lil?? Penny logos on the tongues and the traditional 1Cent logo on the heel tabs. Check out the images below and let us know what you think in the comment section. Be sure to keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for much more on the new Nike Lil?? Penny Posite as it develops. Advertisment Source: Long7This year??s Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? Holiday 2015 release will commemorate the ??95-??96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record season. Advertisment The Air Jordan 11 will have similarities to the Air Jordan 11 ??Space Jam?? but will be featured with Red accents instead of Blue, as well as a iridescent-like glossy patent leather overlay. They??ll feature a thick premium leather upper build (instead of the traditional mesh), much like the prototype sample pair we seen awhile ago, that will sit atop a traditional Air Jordan 11 translucent outsole. Other details will also include an embossed Jumpman logo on the back heel instead of embroidered, as well as a Blacked out ??23?? on the upper heel, along with the classic rope laces, Black/Red carbon fiber and the numbers ??72?? and ??10?? on the lace tips. You can also expect another raise in the retail price tag, as they??ll be set to release at $220 USD. The shoes will come housed in the traditional slide out packaging. Air Jordan 11 72-10 Release Date Get a closer look at all the additional detailed photos, on-feet looks and how they??ll come packaged ?C which will carry on its traditional box, below of the Holiday 2015 remastered Air Jordan 11 Retro ??72-10?? edition. The ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11 will officially release just in time for Christmas on Saturday, December 12th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers in full family sizing. The retail price tag is set at $220 USD. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section below. Would you have been happier with the Space Jam 11s? Air Jordan 11 Retro ??72-10?? Black/Gym Red-White-Anthracite 378037-002 December 12, 2015 $220 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: Nikestore has restocked the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? but there is only one thing you need to unlock the shoe for availability, an access code. Once you get the code then you can cop here. UPDATE: The highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? is set to debut tomorrow, December 12th in full family sizing that will be widely available at select Jordan Brand retail stores. Check out the latest images below and for those that can??t get a pair online/stores, there??s always eBay. UPDATE: You can expect the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? to complete a lot of sneakerheads Christmas list and while we are only days away from the drop, we now take another look at a few on-feet images via Finish Line. UPDATE: Nike has just announced that they have moved up the release date of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? from December 19th to now December 12th. A full week ahead of its original release date. They??ll officially launch on December 12th at 10AM EST/7AM PST on The retail price tag is set at $220 USD. UPDATE: Here are an on-feet and video review of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? from @iAmTMCII that gives you a detailed look and honest opinion of the highly anticipated release. Air Jordan 11 72-10 On-Feet Review Air Jordan 11 72-10 Video Review UPDATE: One of the hottest releases of the year, the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? is officially only days away from releasing. Check out these brand new 12 detailed images via Kenlu of the holiday Air Jordan 11. Who can??t wait for December 12th? UPDATE: Check out the latest images of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? below via Bounce that will be debuting on December 12th. UPDATE: Following official images, we now get another look via Kix Square at the highly anticipated Christmas 2015 Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? that will be available on December 12th. UPDATE: Here are official images via @J23App of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? that debuts on December 12th and will retail for $220 USD. UPDATE: From November 19th through December 18th Finish Line will be giving away one pair of the ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11s each day. Just post on Twitter or Instagram featuring your best street style, follow them, and hashtag #EpicFinish. They??ll reach out to the person with the best post each day to get your information they can send you out a pair of ??72-10?? Jordan 11s when they release on December 19th. To enter, click here. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? will be available in full family sizing, and here is a detailed look via Sole Heat at the gradeschool version. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? will also be available in baby sizes for the entire family to enjoy. For interesting in scooping up some baby ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11s today find them via eBay. UPDATE: Jordan Brand athletes are already starting to receive their Christmas package that includes the ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11. Here is a closer look from @ripcity3232. UPDATE: With every holiday Air Jordan release, Jordan Brand will be debuting matching apparel to go along with the launch. Here is a first look at what to expect from the highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? apparel collection via @icyheatsole. UPDATE: Here are the latest on-feet images of the highly anticipated ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11 via mikez_tagram. For good measure there is even a glimpse look at the ??Burgundy?? Air Jordan 5 that would make for one hell of a nice retro release in 2016. Air Jordan 11 72-10 On-Feet UDPATE: Today at the Jordan Brand Holiday 2015 event, they displayed their upcoming Holiday releases that included the highly anticipated ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11. One of the key reports of the event was the official pricing for this year??s holiday Air Jordan 11, which is set to be $220 USD. Check out a few of the images from the event via @j23app and @shegotgame below and let us know if you??re happy about the new pricing in the comments section. UPDATE: Here are some exclusive on-feet photos from @wattsgoodie of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? release. Check out the images below and be sure to follow Watts Goodie on both Twitter and Instagram. adidas last week released the experimental project SPEEDFACTORY's first product, Futurecraft M.F.G., and its innovative design can once again amaze the shoe industry. This pair of Futurecraft M.F.G. is still somewhat UltraBOOST in the shadow of the shoe body contour, but the biggest highlight of the new technology to replace the traditional ARAMIS, three line Cage and heel support through the cladding lines, with more flexible support Primeknit woven shoe body, equipped with BOOST corrosion and in the bottom end of the epicenter, implantation of visual Torsion to strengthen the stability of Bar. It is reported that the shoes will be landed in September 29th, such as Solebox and other German designated stores for sale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Offspring x adidas Originals joint NMD officially released JOYRICH x Reebok Classic Instapump Fury joint series comments on last article: Offspring x adidas Originals joint NMD officially released the next article: JOYRICH x Reebok Classic Instapump Fury joint seriesNot surprisingly, , LeBron 13 this week will usher in the second paragraph of red and white color of the sale, then the next? Overwhelmed, online exposure of the quad is the debut of the LeBron 13 new color, including James in the preseason on foot across the Yellow / blue color, and several of the other in the past LeBron series had rendered color; related to the offering information please attention when customer follow-up report. source: realchickenwop376fa8fc6261fa2bcb42a14c7fcbfdfc.jpg (40.3 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-5 21:30 upload 13 yards of Christmas color shoes this Vasquez whole shoe vamp and a shoe CompFit ankle are red, laces and outsole with green tongue, inside embroidered with Spanish FELIZ NAVIDAD, meaning a merry Christmas, with his GV Logo lateral heel. 0.jpg (416.68 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-10-14 16:41 upload 1.jpg (322.81 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-10-14 16:41 upload 2.jpg (442.14 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-10-14 16:41 upload 3.jpg (588.57 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-10-14 16:41 upload, Naked, Reebok cooperation once again teamed up with Copenhagen, launched two new color Instapump Fury. This time is the American TV series "Dynasty" as the inspiration of the shoes, a total of black, white, double two colors. Among them, white represents the characters Krystle, high-grade white leather with black print and pink outsole. The other pair, however, is Krystle's Alexis, which is made up of black leather heels and a pair of plain lamb shoes. It is reported that the series is only released by women, will be on sale at Naked online store in December 11th. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes adidas Originals ZX Flux new color FACE Stockholm Reebok Classic WMNS 2016 spring joint series comments on last article: adidas Originals ZX Flux brand new color next article: FACE Stockholm Reebok Classic WMNS 2016 spring joint series Adidas overwhelmed the Playoffs color, which was born in 2001. This is a German sports car inspired by the design of avant-garde shoes, the use of breathable mesh surface material, composed of uppers, equipped with TORSION system and EVA midsole. It is reported that this Crazy 1 has been purchased through the Packer Shoes. source: hypebeast new listing / Nike, Solarsoft, Costa, HighRiccardo, Tisci, homework, /Nike release, Nike + R.T., Air, Force, 1 shoes comments on last article: new listing / Nike Solarsoft Costa High next article: Riccardo Tisci pay homework, /Nike release Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 shoes002.JPG (27.63 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 003.JPG (25.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 004.JPG (24.1 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 005.JPG (25.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 006.JPG (27.45 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 007.jpg (30.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 008.jpg (21.71 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 009.jpg (27.03 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 010.jpg (30.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2007-9-10 22:02 upload 0.jpg (53.06 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-4-13 11:38 upload Nike Lunar Orbit + [cool grey/photo blue-smmt wht] Nike Lunar Orbit + [challenge red/black-smmt white] Nike Lunar Orbit + [cool grey/photo blue-smmt wht] 1.jpg (70.44 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-4-13 11:38 upload 2.jpg (80.1 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-4-13 11:38 upload 3.jpg (56.93 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-4-13 11:38 upload 4.jpg (192.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-4-13 11:38 upload 5.jpg (215.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-4-13 11:38 upload 6.jpg (78.24〉